Consciousness allows us to love all from our heart-centers, beyond human illusions.

We, as a family, have dedicated our beings, our life, and all of our resources to unconditionally embodying our spirit consciousness on our life’s journey. I remember the first time we truly and intentionally went into our nothing, facing all our deepest fears – our children 10 and 13 years old at the time, reassured me to not give up when I felt I couldn’t continue on our path to mastering energy.

Their unwavering faith, inner connection to Source, and embodied love in action broke my heart again and again. The medicine of these heartbreaks is precious. The value of humility in the most difficult moments is priceless. These things we cannot fake, they must be embodied.

Love is not a story, it is an infinite expression of humility and compassion, the highest frequencies of conscious Pure Source Love. We transcend the human love story so we can actually love as Divine soul beings.

Mikko has embodied the infinite soul home for me and our family beyond the illusions of the 3D matrix. He is steadfast in his devotion to loving all, and he embodies love in action from his heart center unconditionally. He is soul authentic and practices the spiritual integrity that he Divinely embodies. I rise in love again and again in the actualization of the sacred abundance that comes with presence and gratitude for all.

Loss, pain, suffering, and heartbreak is what can create the Divine within the human. It activates the subtle nervous energy bodies to come on-line for the soul to play. I love you all and encourage you to live beyond your human illusion and access your Soul truth. I am so grateful we didn’t give up. Loving ALL and yourself is worth it.