Hi, this is Mikko.

Thank you for showing up to shift up.

Very early on my path to self realization I fell victim to my ego over and over again.

I identified with lack, unworthiness, confusion and resistance. I compared myself to everyone around me as I was consistently riding the roller coaster of addiction and depression. My ego had me so tricked into thinking everyone had this life figured out except me. I felt lonely, lost and incapable of figuring myself out in this lifetime.

I had so many judgments of myself, which inevitably lead to me judging everyone around me.


Now, I realize that all of this was necessary for my expansion on my journey to my highest self.

In order for me to break this unhealthy habitual cycle, it was a must for me to surrender my ego.

I quit drinking. I quit smoking. I quit eating junk food. I quit judging. I quit resisting. I quit playing victim. I quit comparing. I quit running from my problems and ultimately. I quit perpetuating this cycle of destruction…

I started opening up about my struggles. I started replacing bad habits with good ones. I started making yoga/exercise a daily habit. I started seeking ways to expand my awareness. I started saying yes to this life. I started aligning to all possibilities…

I released shame, guilt and unworthiness. I waged war in the trenches of my ego battlefield and won.

Today, I can confidently tell you this: It is absolutely possible to overcome and surrender your ego in order to make way for a life of harmony, purpose and unconditional love.

It is not easy but it’s definitely worth it. Live where the ego cannot, in the present moment ⭐️💫.

If not you, who? If not now, when?

With Love,

Mikko & The LoveAll Family