“A Spiritual Warrior is a person who challenges the fear, lies, false beliefs, and judgments that create pain and suffering on this planet. This is a battle that takes place in the heart and mind of an individual. The quest of the Spiritual Warrior is the same as spiritual seekers around the world. They face this challenge with the clarity and awareness that this war is fought within and that truth and unconditional love are what the seeker finds.”– Hayden Crawford

As Biji’s beloved, I can confirm that she is a true true heart warrior. Her fire lights the path for everyone here at LoveAll 5D. Confronting every limited belief within oneself is a grueling process, let alone confronting a soul family’s limiting beliefs day in and day out… Biji does this with love, and it’s how she ushers in the New Earth… It’s straight up superhero status.
(🦸🏻‍♀️← Biji)

Biji holds tightly to her vision that she has carried with her since she was a young girl in Korea. Perseverance can learn a thing or two from her… Biji doesn’t shy away from the difficult tests laid out for us on this path; rather, she runs towards them with knowingness and gratitude for the medicine.

Not only is Biji the Love of my lives, she is my greatest teacher. Along this path she has unconditionally loved me through the most difficult moments.

I’ve witnessed Biji burn through her karma and land on the other side in totality. In fluidity. In grace. In presence. In playfulness. In love… It’s a masterpiece of its own creation.
Now, I witness alchemy in real-time with Biji. She not only cultivates the energy for her and the family’s self-mastery but she is also a bright, shining light with a unique vision of love ready to bring to the world (no pressure 😬).

Biji is magnetic and naturally attracts love wherever she goes. I am grateful for the work I have done in my life to align to such an amazing reflection, and I am so proud of the way she has mastered her own energy.

Biji my embodied babes😍 Thank you for your fire, your heart and your unconditional love ♥️

In Loving Service,
Your Mikko