If you are new to our global family of pure hearts, my name is Biji and I am in love with a Mystic. I rise in love with this Mystic with my every breath.

What is a Mystic you may be wondering… ?

“A Mystic is one who, above all else in life, desires to know (not in the intellectual sense of knowing) the deepest Truth of existence. The Mystic finds the eye of the needle and enters into the realization of the Kingdom of Heaven within.”

“Throughout all of history, Mystics have been our way-showers, those who go before, those who see beyond, those who seem (so often) to speak in riddles. They are those who have “lifted the veil” of worldly illusion to experience a deeper truth and wisdom of Being.” What emerges is the full expression of Being within the language of Love.”


Mikko is a Mystic. He is one mysterious force sourced from ancient inner mastery on a frequency level. From the moment he entered this incarnation, Mikko was on a quest to be Soul free from the matrix. He unequivocally followed his heart. His uncompromising integrity, honesty, transparency and embodiment is the foundation of trust, security and safety for everyone who receives from his energetic field.


Mikko’s heart center radiates Avaala, pure conscious Love. He is connected to a deep inner knowing of truth that extends beyond space and time. His expansive and infinite heart energy magnetizes Divine timelines, magic, and miracles. While I held the vision of Avaala actualized on planet Earth, Mikko held the energy – beginning of his spiritual path, he resonated with a sanskrit word, Avolokeeta which means, holding the compassion of all the gods. When we were given “Avaala” as the New Earth energy in a sacred ceremony many years ago, it was Mikko who realized that if you chant the mantra “Avaala” in a loop, you will end up chanting, “love all.” Mikko effortlessly holds this frequency of Divine compassion in his heart.

Since he was a child, Mikko has been curating, cultivating, and mastering his energy. He has never stopped. I am in awe of how he always keeps going. No matter what, the Mystic within him never quits. Mikko’s embodiment is persevering, consistent, and persistent.

His heart is all in, at all times. Being a father brings out the most devotion as he has no quit with our children. He is adamant that they don’t have to like him as long as they can respect and love themselves. That’s his reward.

He has no quit with our children and the Soul family.

Mikko, my favorite part is us. Thank you for manifesting us into existence. All of this matters for me because of you.

Yours forever,


source: rondalarue.com “what-is-a-mystic”