What is the 11:11 Portal?

The 11:11 Portal is the 11th day of the 11th month, on November 11, 2020. This is also an 8 frequency year which holds the vibration of instant manifestation. Within the 11:11 portal, your energy bodies can access the zero-point field and activate your highest frequency timeline on the New Earth.

Beautiful family, this is Biji of LoveAll 5D. I am here to share conscious energy activations and transmissions that hold the Avaala frequency, pure love energy of the New Earth.

Everything in this Universe is energy-based and expresses itself as vibrations and frequencies. Each number has its own energy signature; the sacred number sequence 11:11 is the activating code of consciousness within your DNA which releases your true potential as a Divine creator.

If you feel a heart calling to activate yourself through this 11:11 Portal, an energetic gateway will open, and things will manifest very quickly for you. 11:11 is a sign from your Soul that it’s time to wake-up and live your true heart’s path.

11:11 is your portal to becoming a conscious creator on the New Earth; no longer a victim to your unconscious patterns, no longer a slave to the external systems and conditioning.

You are rising up in love with your full presence. You are feeling the surge of opening up to ALL possibilities.

You are ready to embody the life of a true rebel, the one who only answers to their heart and Source.

Here are a few activating 11:11 Gateway reflections for you to tune into as part of your initiation into your highest timeline:
  • Am I living my highest timeline?
  • Am I able to consistently think the highest thoughts and hold the highest visions for myself?
  • Am I focusing on what I want or what I don’t want?
  • Am I paying attention to what my thoughts are and how they affect how I feel in my body?

The 11:11 portal is an opportunity for you to receive 12 strand DNA activations. Doing this in a conscious, sacred space is optimal as your thoughts, ideas and beliefs will take material form.Oftentimes, without our conscious intention, our energy body creates from conditioning and past traumas.

The frequencies of the New Earth promise a different reality than the ones we are witnessing collapse around us.

Whereas the old reality was built around an energy scarcity system, the New Earth reality is created by quantum, dynamic and conscious energy sourced through you, for your ascension benefit.

The sacred union and harmonizing of the masculine and feminine energies within and on the planet is also happening during this gateway. This is the portal that supports the highest Divine unions.

Are you ready to feel the New Earth frequencies of all possibilities in your life?

For this 11:11 portal, I feel guided to open the Avaala Gateway for you to access the zero point field and energetically align you to your highest timeline. I personally invite you to join me for this incredible cosmic event.

I consciously love you, honor you and see you as the master creator that you are. You are sovereign and free with Avaala.


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11:11 New Earth Activation
Date: Wednesday, November 11th

Time: 11:11am CST
Energy Exchange: $33