We are on the cusp of extraordinary change.

The 12/12 portal will bring in the highest frequencies ever encoded to the planet for transformation of the earth and ALL beings.

This active, energetic doorway will facilitate forgiveness and healing around old wounds.

Your heart work is to open up and receive healing by accepting forgiveness for your perceived past errors. Allow the high vibrational frequencies to radiate light and pure love energy through old story patterns you have created around shame and unworthiness.

Use this energetic portal as an opportunity to commit to your work of the heart and stay true to the teachings that resonate deep within your being, no matter how they may appear to others.

This is the doorway to your higher self. To YOU.
  • The you without limited beliefs.
  • The you without societal or familial indoctrination.
  • The you in the quiet, creative heart space.
  • The you that is fully and unapologetically authentic.

This portal opens to us right in the middle of a pair of eclipses and will generate an in-flux of light body activations. This powerful energy will carry us into the Winter Solstice and beyond, so prepare and set yourself up to ride the energetic wave all the way to 2021…


  1. Ask yourself the deep questions: “Who am I? What is my purpose? What do I value most? What are my intentions?”
  2. Take a deeper look: What old story belief patterns are keeping you limited in your way of thinking, doing and being? What current patterns must you breakthrough to ascend and live out your highest timeline?
  3. Express with action: If you haven’t noticed, now more than ever, it is extremely important to write, speak and share your truth. You are a creative being, and the energy is fully supporting you to become realized in who you truly are. As an abundant creator of authenticity and pure love energy, it is your duty to fully express yourself; this will inspire those around you. This is how the collective will continue its mass awakening.
  4. Consciously move your body: Whether it’s light stretching, deep yoga, dancing, thai chi, high intensity exercise, or simply walking, the work is to be present and aware inside your body. Regardless of where you are in your physical journey, this is how you energetically move out the old story and into the new. Always create time to connect to your body, and be present to the energy and signs that come up for you. Detoxify. Strengthen. Energize.
  5. Do something different: You cannot keep living the same way and expect different results. It is time to step outside of your comfort zone. This is where you get to meet yourself. Make commitments and follow through. Find new ways to express yourself. Travel. Be more vulnerable when it is the most difficult.

This energetic season consists of full moons, new moons, eclipses, portals and the Winter Solstice. It is a blessing and an opportunity to become fully aware of the tensions within you.

You have the ability to feel where misaligned energies are forcing themselves to the surface for healing. Make sure you are breathing through it. Take salt baths. Ground in nature. And remember it is all just energy. Do not attach yourself to the story. No shame, no judgement, no guilt.

We are bridging this higher state of being together, across the planet. This is a powerful opportunity to advance human consciousness and anchor in the New Earth.

You are the lightworker, the wayshower, the star being who has been called upon for this most important work at this unprecedented time. Hold loving space for yourself and for your fellow light hearted beings across the planet as we rise in love together.

Energy Alchemist, Co-founder LoveAll 5D