Heal & Transform

Experience the Zero-Point Quantum Field

Within Mikko and Biji’s zero-point quantum field of pure consciousness, you’ll experience this state of divine neutrality and non-judgment. Your heart will be activated to the Heaven on Earth, pure love Source frequency of “no mind”.

Within our sacred space, you’ll experience this state of divine neutrality and non-judgment so that you can move through years and even lifetimes of trauma and conditioning.

I transformed within one session! ”

Mikko and Biji continuously see my highest Self, and push me towards that even when I can’t see my true essence.”

The work is profound, life-changing, transformative. Mikko and Biji are gifted healers who pour so much love and consciousness into their clients that it changes them – and the world – for the better.”

Private Sessions

Experience Mikko and Biji’s zero-point field in private, transformative healing sessions that are unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Receive quantum healing in just one session, and release energy that could possibly take lifetimes to work through. Test drive your highest timeline and receive an energetic roadmap to materializing it into your physical reality.

“Living our Soul Path means not succumbing to old story patterns or to unconscious, unhealthy loops. It means being present, expanding our capacity, tapping into our own energy, and showing up in our relationships with less resistance, more courage, more authenticity and more love.” – Mikko

Group Workshops

Activate and materialize your highest timeline into your physical reality in the areas of love, money and personal freedom in this profound experience of group healing and collective evolution. Expect immediate breakthroughs with trauma-release breathwork, frequency readings, soul movement, New Earth Frequency activations, and quantum frequency regeneration.

“When we are in a conscious collective space, everyone is allowed to show up in their most authentic energy, and it is all received with love.” Biji


A four-day experience of deep inner Soul work and life-changing transformation…

The New Earth Frequency retreats are creatively and custom-designed to bring you guidance on clearing emotional blockages so you can process and feel your real emotions of pure love. We show you how to raise your vibrations on a quantum level so you can start aligning to your highest timeline. You are able to finally release the mental and emotional patterns that are holding you back from truly living.

This is an undeniable calling of the heart. You will experience massive transformation. Your Soul will light up. And every cell of your body will resonate.

Master Your Energy, Master Your Life

An exclusive virtual program that will shift your reality