Our Mission

Without a shadow of a doubt, the old system is dying. A New Earth is taking its place. While the vast majority of the collective has been asleep to this epic and unprecedented transition, LoveAll 5D has been steadfastly preparing for the past 15 years.

To live in harmony on New Earth, we must be energetically and spiritually aligned. We, at LoveAll 5D, have curated a conscious path of healing, transformation and energetic alignment for every awakening being on the planet. We provide the tools, the tribe, and the system for those on the ascension path to live in complete Soul Freedom, while aligning with their Soul Purpose and accessing all the magic and miracles the Universe and their authentic Soul Path have to offer.

Avaala: n, pure, conscious Source love energy.

Our secret sauce here at LoveAll 5D is Avaala. Avaala is what is fueling this global consciousness shift. Avaala is not a philosophy, ideology, religion or political platform. Avaala is the energy of conscious love, infinite abundance and complete Soul Freedom. Avaala is the bridge to self-mastery.

It is our Soul Mission to share the experience of Avaala through media, technology and community. It is through our own embodiment of Avaala that we humbly serve the ascension of humanity and mother Gaia.

It is conscious love in action that creates the true Heaven on Earth experience for all of existence.

We are committed to providing you with the space, tools, and instruction needed to create the life you want with unconditional loving support.

LoveAll 5D is a sacred online space for conscious, awakening beings to co-create a new reality together.

We offer a growing tribe of New Earth leaders conscious community, unconditional love and support, as well as a diverse array of healing tools, modalities and practices that foster an embodied connection to the Divine, and a tangible, lived experience of Heaven on Earth, and all the magical possibilities that come along with it!

LoveAll 5D provides a working model for the elusive Hero’s journey– a blueprint for those on the awakening path to follow at their own pace, guided by their own intuition and agency – that will allow them to self-actualize as gracefully, effectively and efficiently as possible.

“Mikko and Biji don’t just talk the talk. They walk the walk. They are truly embodied divine soul beings operating with complete Soul Freedom. They are the pioneers of the New Earth.” – Gigi


Founder/Energy Alchemist


Founder/Energy Alchemist

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